Yorke Rhodes IV - Developer


Modular Economic Security: Bridge Disaster Insurance

Using Eigenlayer and shared economic security to insure users against bridge risk between heterogenous chains.

Dec 2023

Building with Modular Security Legos

Motivation of modular interoperability and an overview of Hyperlane interchain security modules

Aug 2023

Interchain Accounts and Queries for the EVM

An introduction to two developer primitives that vastly simplify building crosschain applications

Nov 2022

Ethereum and How It Works

Introduction to Ethereum, the EVM, and the DApp stack

March 2019

Consensus and Industry

Introduction to consensus algorithms and the industrial ecosystems surrounding Bitcoin PoW

Feb 2019

Framework for Abstracting Blockchains

A framework for identifying and understanding the modular components of blockchains

Feb 2019

Digital Currencies and Networks

History of money, digital currencies, and network effects

Jan 2019

Building decentralized knowledge using incentives

Discussion of "Synapse": an economically sustainable and secure Wikipedia

Oct 2018

HackerNoon: What on Earth is a Smart Contract?

Notes from Rice Blockchain lecture on smart contracts

Nov 2017

HackerNoon: Academic Diploma Validation Using Ethereum

HackRice project for validating academic credentials without the National Clearinghouse

Sept 2017

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